Trexo Virtual Information Session

Members of the Trexo team will be doing an overview of the Trexo and talking about pricing, fundraising, insurance and more. The session is 45 minutes and a 15 minute Q&A. All registrants will get a copy of the webinar replay.

A little boy, a determined uncle and a glaring gap in assistive technology, combined to create a company that has opened up opportunity for children around the world.

Manmeet Maggu, CEO and Co-founder of Trexo Robotics and uncle of Praneit, began his search for assistive technology when Praneit was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and told he would never walk.

He didn't find anything.

Driven by his conviction that Praneit deserved the opportunity to walk, Manmeet recruited friend Rahul Udasi to help build the solution.

It was then that they built the Trexo, the only at-home Robotic Gait Trainer for children.

Today, Trexo Robotics operates with the same determination and dedication to helping children walk.

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Trexo Robotics Gait Training System Helps Children With Disabilities Walk – At Home!

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“I’m so grateful for it! Every child who’s not ambulatory should be given a chance to be in a Trexo and walk around!”  Alex's mom, Lauren

Luz (1)

They no longer had to work around therapy schedules. Sometimes, Caro tells me, they would even do a Trexo session at 3am because Luz is up and she’s happy. “You can’t do that with therapy!” – Caro, Luz’s mom


“His speech has gotten better, body is stronger overall, and core muscles are working a lot more.”  - Jacob's mom, Julie